ACA-Compliant Health Care Program

What if there was a health insurance program that offered steep savings compared to regular marketplace plans? What if it was ACA-compliant? National Network? $0 Deductible? $5,000 Max out of Pocket?

Maybe you own a business?

Start a Group as small as 3 Enrolled? No Contribution Needed?

The US Equestrian association now provides these healthcare benefits nationwide, and you can gain access to them with Millennial Insurance Group!

Program Overview

Millennial Insurance group has partnered with the US Equestrian association in efforts to provide individuals and groups access to their unique and one of a kind health insurance coverage options. Through Millennial Insurance Group, you can gain access and coverage to these industry-disrupting health care benefits.

Members of US Equestrian now have the option to take advantage of unique health care benefits including up to 35% or more off regular market prices. The plans are guaranteed issue health programs and provide health coverage options for individual and/or small businesses.

Plan benefits include medical, accident, critical illness, hospital (short- and long-term disability), dental, vision, and other related coverages. The health programs available are ACA-Compliant.

Who Is the USEF HealthPlan Best Suited For?

The short answer is that most people will benefit from at least getting a quote to see how much savings is available to you from your current health care plan.

Members often save as much as 50% versus their current health care plans, so it never hurts to get a free quote!

This program will certainly benefit people who can relate to the following scenarios:

Features & Benefits of USEF Health Care Options

Worried you won’t get insurance coverage because of high premiums, high deductibles and out of pocket max’s, and limited insurance options? With the USEF health care program you can get access to benefits such as:

Coverage for pre-existing conditions

Due to the ACA legislation, pre-existing conditions are now a requirement to be covered. USEF’s health care plans are compliant and cover all pre-existing conditions whether it be COPD, sleep apnea, diabetes, or anything else.

No medical application is required

No need to worry about filling out a complicated medical application!

Zero deductible and low out of pocket max

Enjoy the benefits of having a $0 deductible for individual and families. Furthermore, choose from low out of pocket max options with the ability to select as low as $5,000 out of pocket max! All co-pays within your plan are calculated towards your out of pocket max as well.

Telemedicine options included

Telemedicine is the ability to have a doctor visit via video. Video meetings are as easy as making a phone call to your doctor but save you the time of having to travel to the office and sit in the waiting room. Most check-up meetings and consultation meetings with your doctor can be done through a convenient video meeting.

Convenient options for group plans

The program allows for convenient options to customize the group plan to meet the group’s needs. Group plans even have the option to receive money back when your claims are much lower than originally anticipated!

Home health care options

Home health care provides the convenience of getting the health care you need right from your own home. The great thing is that it’s usually less expensive and you get the same care you would get by going to a doctor or hospital.

Low co-pays for specialist and urgent care visits

Regardless of the plan you choose with USEF, your co-pay for seeing a specialist or an urgent care doctor visit will never be more than a $50 co-pay! Some plans have co-pays as little as just $25 for specialist and urgent care visits.

Coverage for prescription drugs

All plans offer coverage for prescription drugs. Co-pays are as little as just $10 for generic prescription drug brands. Preferred brand drugs are also available with co-pays starting at 20%.

Who Is the USEF HealthPlan Best Suited For?

The short answer is that most people will benefit from at least getting a quote to see how much savings is available to you from your current health care plan.

Members often save as much as 50% versus their current health care plans, so it never hurts to get a free quote!

This program will certainly benefit people who can relate to the following scenarios:

  • Those who are paying an arm and a leg for their health coverage, whether individual or family coverage.
  • Those who have high deductibles with their current health plan
  • People who don’t have health coverage but are seeking a customized plan at affordable rates
  • Those who prefer to have multiple plan options to choose from
  • Individuals who are seeking to expand their current Medicaid coverage
  • Anyone who has an insurance plan that includes coverages that they don’t need, but are still paying for
  • Businesses that are interested in exploring group health insurance coverage options atamazing rates
  • Groups who wish to seek the benefits of getting coverage for a group of at least three individuals or more
  • Anyone looking to save money and pay less for their health insurance coverage!

The best part is, getting a quote takes no more than a few minutes and can be done from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. All you need to do is enter the info in the form below and we’ll send you a personalized quote ASAP!

Why Work with Millennial Insurance Group?

Millennial Insurance Group is a broker agency, meaning we have partnered with multiple insurance providers to seek out the best option for you. Whether that be the USEF Health Program discussed above, or another health insurance option, getting a quote from us will allow us to point you in the right direction that will benefit you the most and save you the most money.

We work with both individuals and businesses to counsel them on their health care plan options and have successfully helped companies save an average of $26,000 per year!

Furthermore, we are advisors, not salesman. Our objective is to understand you and your needs, then provide you the most cost-effective insurance solution available on the market. It all starts by filling out a no obligation quote form. What are you waiting for?!

What Is An ACA-Compliant Health Care Plan?

ACA stands for the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare.” Health care programs that are ACA-compliant means the program offers key provisions that are intended to extend health coverage to those who may previously have been uninsured as well as assist in lowering health care costs for millions of Americans.

Plans that are ACA compliant are eligible to include related benefits and savings such as:

  • Premium subsidies
  • Cost sharing subsidies
  • Provide coverage for those with pre-existing conditions
  • Expansion of Medicaid

Visit: for more info on the Affordable Care Act.


Why choose USEF health care program over traditional health coverage?

Getting coverage through USEF’s health benefits provide more flexibility, lower payments, and customized insurance options. Other health care programs use cookie-cutter programs often requiring you to pay for services you may never use.

Furthermore, when getting coverage through USEF’s options, you can get savings of more than 35% off the regular cost of traditional health coverage!

How many people need to enroll to create a group?

Group options can start with as little as just three individuals to benefit from group health coverage options.

Does this program include telemedicine options?

Yes! Telemedicine is becoming more of the norm with major global events being realized. It is also much more convenient for many doctor visits that can be done through a quick video conference saving both parties time and money!

Are maternity health coverage options available?

Yes. Maternity coverages are offered with the silver and gold health care packages through USEF.

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